Entries by Elizabeth Camillo

Givers and Takers

I am often asked, “Who is the worst in marriage when it comes to being dishonest about money and assets…men or women”? Comparing all the divorce stories I have heard, I’ve come to the conclusion that neither one is worst than the other. I don’t believe it’s a matter of gender but rather of personality. […]

Collect what you can before you leave

We often leave relationships because we have to, because we have no choice. This decision is never made lightly and is often fraught with fear, urgency and some panic. Before you leave for good, there are some extra things you will need to gather up before leaving: financial records. When the time comes to formerly […]

Some things are too precious to value

When a marriage is collapsing and tempers are high, sometimes people do things in anger and spite that can really knock the wind out of our sails. We often look back on these experiences with regret for not having anticipated what could have happened and for failing to take precautionary measures. If your ex partner […]

True Colours

One thing is for certain; divorce absolutely reveals many things that may have seemed impossible to entertain during the days of your happy marriage.  Once you cross the great divide and into the realm of separation, you may feel the cold chill of indifference, a lack of empathy, compassion and time. Those you once counted […]

Stages of Grief

When someone you love, someone you have spent years with, had some memorial experiences with and perhaps had children with, tells you they want a divorce…it can feel like you are dying. The same can be said when you are the one who is having to deliver the news. Either way, there are no winners […]