Some things are too precious to value

When a marriage is collapsing and tempers are high, sometimes people do things in anger and spite that can really knock the wind out of our sails. We often look back on these experiences with regret for not having anticipated what could have happened and for failing to take precautionary measures.

If your ex partner has left the family home or is in the process of doing so, chances are they may still have a key to the premises. If this is the case and the situation between the two of you is acrimonious, you may want to be still for a moment and ask yourself: what is the worse he/she could do which I couldn’t live without.

Family heirlooms and keepsakes are those precious items that no amount of money can replace. The emotions and memories they conjure may never be fully understood or appreciated by another and most certainly cannot be replaced by a replica.

They may be the quilt your great grandmother gave your grandmother which has continued to be handed down through the generations, or the baby jewellery you were given which you intend to pass on to your children, your great-grand father’s war medals, your late uncles trumpet which saw many a party and came out at every family function. Whatever the item, sometimes in anger heirlooms may be used as a weapon to inflict even more pain through their destruction. Partners can do cruel things to get your attention and if you cannot live without something precious I recommend you remove it from the family home to a place of safety to avoid the unthinkable.

Sometimes the temptation to hurt another can be too great to resist and the removal or destruction of an item of precious sentiment can be see as the ultimate get back plan.

Once you have removed these items to a safe place, consider changing the locks on the family home once.

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