Family separations and divorces are fraught with anger, anxiety and fear. The “unknown” of what may happen leaves you feeling like you are standing on shifting sand. That your life is about to change irrevocably is a given, but to what extent and how to mitigate any potential damage is the frightening reality you may feel is ahead of you.

You may not have been the main financial provider or custodian of the family finances during your marriage and this may leave you feeling insecure and wary in relation to all things money. Your focus during your marriage may have been on rearing your children and maintaining a family home. You may have no idea of what assets the family has and where they are, you may have a family business which provides the sole source of family income and you don’t know how much it is worth, you may have suspicions that your ex spouse hasn’t told you the whole financial story. Your problem is that you don’t know how and where to start looking to get some answers…but there is a way forward.

In order to get a clear understanding of what has happened to the money in your marriage you will need a professional with a specific skill set in forensic accounting. I can help solve your problems by reviewing what your ex spouse has done with family money, value the family business, search for any hidden assets, test the truth of the assets and liability disclosed by your ex spouse on the financial statement and trace the use of family funds.

In addition to providing these professional services I have prepared a number of webinars and tools to inform and support you to understand what is possible in the search for financial truth during your separation and to better prepare you to face the property settlement negotiations.


Elizabeth Camillo

Forensic Accountant in Family Law

I empower individuals going through a divorce to create a level playing field which ensures there is financial transparency and honesty. This enables my clients to negotiate a fair property settlement with their estranged partner.



Forensic accounting sounds exciting and full of intrigue but during your separation, it can provide you with answers to situations that have left you confused and wondering where your family money is. This type of accounting involves investigating matters, the results of which, may lead you into a court of law.

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Many marriages rely on a family business for their main source of income. It can be a significant asset and one that needs to be carefully reviewed due to the substantial impact it can have on a property settlement.

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When it comes to negotiating a property settlement during your separation and in preparation for your divorce, the main issue is to divide up the assets and liabilities.

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One Hour Consultation

If you are thinking of leaving a marriage with high value assets but are not really sure of what they are or you suspect your spouse of not being honest with you about your family money, contact me for an hour’s consultation.

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A number of webinars are available to assist you to understand all things divorce. These will be released shortly.

  1. The process of obtaining a divorce in Australia;
  2. Knowing what you want to achieve: Revenge or A Fair Deal;
  3. What to do when those words are first spoken;
  4. How collect information to complete a financial statement;
  5. How investigations can assist you to understand what may have happen to the money in your marriage.

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Available and free for you to use are a number of tools to assist you when dealing with your chosen divorce professionals. These are meant to make the process of understanding and collecting information easier. Also included are some checklists to help prompt you to remember what documentation needs to be gathered by you and some other tools to make divorce information overload more comprehensible.

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