Available and free for you to use are a number of tools to assist you when dealing with your chosen divorce professionals. These are meant to make the process of understanding and collecting information easier. Also included are some checklists to help prompt you to remember what documentation needs to be gathered by you and some other tools to make divorce information overload more comprehendable.

  1. Top 7 mistakes clients make when hiring divorce professionals
  2. How to keep you costs down when hiring a forensic accountant
  3. Asset and Liability checklist
  4. Documentation checklist
  5. List of financial assets
  6. List of financial accounts
  7. Tips for saving on professional costs
  8. Infographic on obtaining a divorce in Australia
  9. Quiz: Do you have full financial awareness in your marriage?
  10. A mind map of the financial landscape in your marriage.
  11. Infographic on assets found in the family home.
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